Local & Community Projects

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Homeless Project

UCF works with it’s sister charity Unite 4 homeless. This project provides hot meals, sandwiches, cakes and hot drinks to homeless people in Birmingham.
You can find us every Sunday at 6pm
Rea Street

Food Bank

We distribute food to those in the local community who are poverty stricken, to avoid hunger. Anyone is welcome to collect food from our food bank. No vouchers / proof on benefit needed. You can reach us Monday & Wednesday
Goldenhilock Road
Small Heath

Our senior management team Anna & Tariq visited B&M Stores to use £750 of our £1500 grant to stock the food bank we run in Small Heath.
We want to say a massive thanks to B&M for their support and assistance.

Orphan Children

The statistics are staggering! There are 140 million orphans globally.
61 million in Asia, 52 million in Africa,10 million in Latin America and 7.3 million in Eastern Europe. There are still major issues that children around the world face; including hunger, poverty, access to education and medical care. Orphaned and abandoned children are particular at risk.

Our Achievements

UCF provides support to orphan children in Asia through providing food and education. UCF already provide a high quality educational programme in 2 schools. We plan to expand upon this, so more children are given a right to education Future Aims.

Sponsor an Orphan

When a child is left alone in the world; they are vulnerable to a host of risks and dangers.
By sponsoring an orphan, you can give an innocent, little one the chance of a safe and happy childhood and a brighter future as an adult. Sponsor a child today for as little as
83p a day or £25 will keep your orphan safe and help provide them with food, education, medicine and clothing.

Relief For Refugees

Hundreds and thousands of refugee children and their families have risked their lives to escape torture, conflict and war. They have lost everything. Daily life is a struggle to survive. There are current outbreaks: diphtheria, cholera, malaria and other deadly diseases. Due to our efforts displaced people receive high quality medical assistance and medication.

Food distribution and Malnutrition Programme

Everyone has the right to freedom from hunger and malnutrition. Ensuring that people have access to adequate nutrient-rich food and safe water is essential for protecting the safety; health and well being of millions who have been forced to flee. UCF provides food packs, food distribution and a targeted malnutrition programme in refugee camps across the world.


61 million children of primary school age are out of school. 53% of them are girls. We believe in fostering innovative educational programmes that; challenge and engage, developing minds, heal the trauma of war and inspire dreams of bright futures.

Water Projects

Clean water, sanitation and affective water management are paramount to addressing the water crisis. Everyone has the right to access clean and safe water. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 people do not have clean water.

The Gift of Life

Ummah Care Foundation is striving to bridge this gap. So far, we have provided water pumps in Mardan, Pakistan and pumps in Sindh, Pakistan.
Changing the lives of children and families in these areas.
A fantastic result so far

Finding water is a daily challenge, that no child should have to face. Ummah Care foundation need your HELP. Donate now, so we can continue providing reliable and safe water.