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UCF have been on the ground the very sahe day if the earthquake.
The World Health Organization put the number of people affected by the disaster at 23 million. At least 6,000 buildings collapsed, many with residents still inside them. Rescue efforts continue to be the top priority, with some 25,000 deployed in Turkey and thousands more sent in from overseas — but a bitter winter storm now threatens the lives of the survivors and of those still trapped under rubble.
UCF are providing….
Daily hot food distribution
Personal hygiene kits
Dr Aiden is also on the ground providing medical service to earthquake victims.

Ummah Care Foundation was founded by Mr. Feraz Younas to serve humanity and bring hope to those in the poorest communities across the globe. The charity provides; water aid projects, a world orphanage programme and medical and educational assistance for refugees around the globe. “Humanity is for all.”