Helping Hands

The ongoing war in Syria has left children seriously injured.  The injuries sustained by the children since the beginning of this crisis have not only been physical but psychological and emotional as well.

Ummah Care Foundation are providing the following services to children:

  • Providing physiotherapy to children physically impaired by war.
  • Delivering Parent workshops to support parents to continue care at home.
  • Providing psychological therapies to children suffering from trauma due to war.
  • Providing education and training.
  • Providing physical aids for children (including, wheel chairs, splints, special supplies, incontinence pads, walking aids)

This project is bringing hope and creating smiles. Please support us by donating.


Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child.
£12.50/ week
£50/ month
£600/ year

Your sponsorship contributes towards the child’s
5 physiotherapy sessions per month
Transport to and from the centre
Social activities
Physical Assistance Aids
Nappies/incontinence pads.

Ummah Care Foundation was founded by Mr. Feraz Younas to serve humanity and bring hope to those in the poorest communities across the globe. The charity provides; water aid projects, a world orphanage programme and medical and educational assistance for refugees around the globe. “Humanity is for all.”