Ummah Care Foundation was founded in March 2014 to serve humanity and bring hope to those in the poorest communities across the globe. The charity provides; water aid projects, a world orphanage programme and medical and educational assistance for refugees around the globe.  Our mission is simple: “Humanity is for all.”

Everyone has the right to a decent standard of living, clean water and education. Our passion is to ensure that every individual, no matter their age, religion, location or background, receive this right. At Ummah Care Foundation we believe that we have a duty to live a life of kindness by serving others and making the world a better place; to serve the those most in need and to bring hope to the communities most affected by poverty, war and injustice.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Feraz Younas


Tariq Ashgar


Anna Duffy

Vice President

Mian Zulfiqar Ahmad

Senior Trustee