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Pakistani Flood

Emergency Response for Flood Victims, Pakistan
The world’s deadliest Flood has devastated Pakistan.
June – August, the monsoon season in Pakistan, witnessed an unprecedented levels of rainfall particularly in the provinces of Balochistan and Sindh;
500% and 784% increase respectively. It is the world’s deadliest flood since 2017, South Asian Floods.
 Over 1,500 people have been killed.
 33 million people have been affected.
 1.6 million homes have been damaged.
 Millions of farm animals have perished and crops destroyed.
Ummah Care Foundation is on ground working with a team of IDF doctors in conjunction with PAK Army providing medical assistance, essential
equipment and services to children and families

1. Number of patients helped.
2. Number of hot meals distributed.
3. Number of Families received essential items.